Ridge Tile Repairs

The Real Roofing Company has been completing ridge tile repairs and general roof repairs across Newcastle for over 10 years.

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Does Your House Need Some Ridge Tile Repairs

We take care of all your roof repair needs, including ridge tile repairs.

Ridge tiles have been used in roof construction for thousands of years although the materials used are different.

They are an important part of the structure of a roof; their function is to keep the rain out, at the very peak of the roof and along the all-important edges.

Most homes, at some stage will require ridge tile repairs, do not try to do this yourself, it is difficult and dangerous, call your local, trusted roofing experts.

Ridge tiles are either angular (used with slates) or ½ round (used with tiles) and are cemented into position although modern ridge tiles are sometimes nailed into position or a simple snap system is used. Ridge tiles should overlap on to the tiles or slates by approximately 70 -75 mm.

If a ridge tile needs to be renewed because of sustained damage it needs to be done properly.

To begin with you will need to mix a strong cement, remove the old ridge tiles, original cement and any lose bits and pieces. Now cement the new tile in position ensuring that it is level and well bedded into the cement.

Please note, this is a general description on how to replace the ridge tile, not a building lesson. As you can see this is not a job for an amateur and it is recommended that you employ a professional roofer who will have the correct equipment and insurance to do the job.

If you believe that the ridge tiles on your property are damaged or need replacing, call us immediately on 07851 617013 and a member of Real Roofing Ltd will visit your property to give you an honest opinion about how best to deal with the issue.

We are residential roofing experts and have worked on hundreds of properties across Newcastle and Gateshead.

If you have any questions for us or if you would like an estimate for ridge tile repairs or any other roofing work that you need you can contact Newcastle’s leading roofing contractor by calling us direct on 07851 617013, emailing us at info@realroofingltd.co.uk, sending us a message online or requesting a full roofing estimate.

Free Roof Inspection

Roof inspections are essential to protect your home from whatever the North East weather throws at your Newcastle property and you need to ensure that your roof is always up to standard and watertight.

People tend to get their roof inspected prior to selling their home or after severe weather has hit, but a roof should be inspected every few years at the very least to maintain its integrity and to help prevent other issues and problems that may be caused from water and wind entering your home.

At The Real Roofing Company, we offer free roof inspections and service any and every type of roof. We make sure to look at everything involved in making a roof function properly, including tile condition, gutters, pipes, and the chimney.

If you would like to see some examples of our work, visit our Facebook Page for our latest roofing work.

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