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The Real Roofing Company has been supporting local businesses across Newcastle with the highest standards of commercial roofing services available.

In Need Of A Newcastle Roofer?

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Fast and affordable roofing solutions for your all your commercial roofing needs

Do not wait until your roof has a leak or start having other issues before paying a roofing contractor more than you needed. 

Having a regular roof checkup and maintenance completed when it is needed can save your business a fortune in the long run and is the most cost-effective solution for any business.

Commercial buildings tend to have larger roof space, flat roof areas and parapet walls that sometimes make identifying roofing problems very difficult.

Real Roofing focuses on roof maintenance for many commercial buildings across Newcastle, make sure that your roof is in a safe condition with our regular roofing check-up service.

Owners Of Commercial Buildings

As a property or building owner,  you should never ignore the importance of regular roof maintenance on your properties,  by dealing with problems when they occur can lead to substantial damage further down the road and an increase in costs.

Let the roofing experts at Real Roofing inspect the roof on your commercial building to determine whether or not a roof replacement is best for your situation.

If your building has not had regular roof maintenance, you could be missing big problems that can cause permanent damage.

Commercial Roofing Services

Why Choose Real Roofing?

Across Newcastle Upon Tyne there are plenty of roofing companies and contractors. We want to earn your roofing business the old-fashioned way – by exceeding your expectations with our professional, responsive and top-quality service.

This is what you can count on when you call Real Roofing for your residential roofing or business property roofing needs.

Courteous Professional Service

At Real Roofing, we understand that your property is a valued asset that plays a major role in your life. Our pledge is to always respond quickly to your roofing needs and to deliver the best value and highest quality every time.

Qualified and Experienced Roofers

All of our roofers are conscientious, dedicated team members, trained to the highest standards and with the skills to do top-quality work, every time.

Cutting Edge Roofing Equipment

We are constantly updating our tools, trucks and other equipment to ensure that our roofing crews can work safely, efficiently and to top industry standards.

Top Quality Roofing Materials

We only deal with major building material manufacturers to make ensure that we only use the best roofing products at a competitive cost.

Our business roofing services are available throughout Newcastle Upon Tyne and all the surrounding areas. Contact our expert roofing contractors today on 07851 617013 to schedule your free estimate on a commercial roofing project in your area.

Real Roofing adheres to the highest standards within the Roofing Industry with a  reputation and service you can count on.

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